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"Be yourself. Clear your mind of the perceived obstacles, real or otherwise. Just do it. You know you can.”  

Alex Herbert, Chef


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On the floor with…
Lisa Margan, co-owner Margan Wines and Restaurant

When was the moment you knew hospitality was going to be your industry?

My first career was as a high school teacher and one of my subjects was Hospitality. On an excursion with my senior class we went to The Summit (revolving restaurant on top of Australia Square) which in those days (late 1980s) was one of Sydney’s best. We had an amazing meal …

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Gender diversity:
why it’s good for business

“We always aim to recruit the best person for the job,” said Rebecca Yazbek, director of Surry Hills diner, Nomad. “It just so happens that in our business, the best person for head chef, assistant restaurant manager, sommelier, baker, and our floor staff have all been women.”

Promoting gender equity in the workplace isn’t about hiring women for the sake of it. It’s not about dismissing the perfectly qualified male simply to hit a target...

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Sarah Doyle, Porteno Restaurant Group


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