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From Australia to Fiji: Making no-waste the norm

Here, we talk to two chefs working in very different surroundings on how they’re getting as much as they can from the produce around them.

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Entrepreneurs: they’re not all created equal

Whether gripped by the entrepreneurial spirit, driven by necessity or following a creative passion – many factors influence the making of an Entrepreneur.

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Stacey Kirkpatrick, Hop & Clover Brewing Co

Stacey shares with us how she was able to move from HR and recruitment in the University sector, to the head of the events centre at UTS through to becoming GM of a craft brewing company

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A Q&A on sustainability and mentorship with Rachel Potter and Brent Savage 

Women in Hospitality is once again shining a spotlight on the impact of mentorship, this month honing in on the lessons that Rachel Potter, chef, agriculturalist and sustainability consultant at Cambridge Hill Farm learnt from hospitality heavyweight, Brent Savage.

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Mentorship Q&A with Bloodwood’s Claire Van Vuuren

There is no denying the immense benefits mentoring can offer someone new to our industry.  This Q & A session not only touches on the difference a mentor can bring to those starting out, it also highlights the value the relationship has for the industry leaders providing the guiding advice.

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Self-made success: advice from 3 of the industry’s best

We’ve spoken about the value of mentorship plenty of times at Women in Hospitality– its importance really can’t be underestimated. Here, three of the hospitality industry’s most accomplished business leaders – women who many would consider to be brilliant mentors – share pointers on how young women can take control of their own career progression.

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Karen Gough, proprietor, Settlers Tavern

Longevity in the wine industry and in our business (we’ve had it since 2003) helps. We take a special interest in the wineries, whether small or founding, who are striving to match our ethos of caring for employees, sustainability, being community minded. It’s very rewarding to have local winemakers as our customers.

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Talking trends with women in wine

There’s no shortage of skill or expertise in Australia’s wine industry – perhaps now more than ever. From winemakers to sommeliers and top-notch floor staff, the Australian diner is blessed with both a selection of brilliant drops and second-to-none service in the dining room.

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On the Floor with Melissa Palinkas

My inspiration for starting a collaboration series with other chefs was to work alongside like-minded chefs

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With our powers combined: the value of collaboration

As the sector continues to grow, rather than bunkering down and focusing purely on their own businesses, chefs and restaurateurs are looking around and taking notes from other people’s successes.

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On the Floor with Kate McGraw

Every season is pretty excellent, once you know how to use what you get at each time of year

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From produce to patronage: managing the seasons

“Seasonality certainly goes beyond the four seasons. Some fruits and vegetables are not available for the full 3 months but merely weeks, and in other times there’s an overlap between seasons. I certainly think that as our climate changes, so must our idea of the seasons..

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Raising the bar: women in drinks

A great way to get more women into the industry is to first get them to appreciate the product.

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On the Floor with Tiffany Waldron, Secretary of Pink Boots Society and Beer Ambassador for CUB’s Beer Collective.

“Today it’s a different story; I find myself surrounded by amazing and inspiring women, not only in and around the brewery……

Women really bring everything that anyone brings to the brewing industry – passion, support, strength.

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On the Floor with Tawnya Bahr, Straight to the Source

Tell us about Straight to the Source and why you and Lucy decided to work together? 

Straight To The Source creates and delivers Australian regional food tours for chefs and hospitality professionals to connect them with producers, regions and each other.

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WOHO Sustainability

Another form of sustainability we need to talk about….
Building a sustainable workforce

Restaurants have never been as environmentally aware as they are today. Chefs and restaurateurs are feverishly counting food miles, forming closer…

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On the floor with…
Lisa Margan, co-owner Margan Wines and Restaurant

  1. When was the moment you knew hospitality was going to be your industry?

My first career was as a high school teacher and one of my subjects was Hospitality. On an excursion with my senior class we went to The Summit (revolving restaurant on top of Australia Square) which in those days (late 1980s) was one of Sydney’s best. We had an amazing meal …

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Gender diversity: why it’s good for business

“We always aim to recruit the best person for the job,” said Rebecca Yazbek, director of Surry Hills diner, Nomad. “It just so happens that in our business, the best person for head chef, assistant restaurant manager, sommelier, baker, and our floor staff have all been women.”…

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Women in hospitality launch sold out

In 2015 women represented 55 percent of the hospitality workforce, and yet only 10 percent of the industry’s CEOs were women, said Julia Campbell at the launch of Women in Hospitality (WOHO).

The new organisation, founded by Campbell, launched officially on 29 May, in front of a sold out audience of both women and men at Three Blue Ducks in Rosebery….

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Julia Campbell On Launching WOHO

Early last month, Julia Campbell launched the not-for-profit, Women in Hospitality. Founded with the aim of championing women in the industry, the organisation provides members with a forum through which to explore ideas and share information, as well as access to education and mentorship initiatives. The inaugural Women in Hospitality event saw the founding of the WOHO board…

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5 Australian Initiatives Supporting Women in Hospitality

Over the last few years, the myth that hospitality is a “female-dominated” industry has begun to break down, with statistics revealing that the industry is still plagued by the gender gap at every level – from coffee brewing to wine making.

In light of this evidence, a number of initiatives across Australia are helping address this inequality by boosting the role of women in hospitality.

International Women’s Day Celebration with WOHO x PorkStar

Join us for an industry celebration of International Women’s Day!

Women in Hospitality and PorkStar bring you an Autumn Cookout. An event not to be missed highlighting female chefs, butchers, pig farmers, brewers and distillers.

Chefs Alex Herbert and Claire Van Vuuren (Bloodwood/Popla) will be fire roasting on the medieval barbecue, the Sausage Queen Chrissy Flanagan (The Sausage Factory) serving her artisan sausages, Naomi Lowry (Culina et Vinum) dishing up piggy delights and there will be a charcuterie station by Jacqui Challinor (Nomad) and Julianne Lever (Julianne’s Kitchen).

Sam Fuss (Philter) and Kathleen Davies (Nip of Courage) will be gathering their friends to serve up brews and spirits from female brewers and distillers.

Not to mention, there will be a live breakdown from a female butcher and a rockabilly band.

Gather your friends and come along to help us celebrate International Women’s Day in style!

Special thank you to all involved including Porteno Events and our partners Australian Pork, Vittoria Food and Beverage and supporting restaurant groups Solotel, Fink, Rockpool, Ormeggio and A Tavola.

Tickets $35 for non-members and $25 for members, includes all food and beverage and are non-refundable.

Tickets can be purchased here.

June 25, 2019

WOHO Q&A: mentorship & sustainability

Women in Hospitality is once again shining a spotlight on the impact of mentorship, this month honing in on the lessons that Rachel Potter, chef, agriculturalist and sustainability consultant at Cambridge Hill Farm learnt from hospitality heavyweight, Brent Savage  Why did you decide to get involved in the Tasting Success mentorship program?Brent Savage: When Lindy Milan invited me to be one of the mentors, and explained the importance of the program, I did not hesitate to take part.  Rachel Potter: Once I became involved in the hospitality industry, it became very clear that I needed to lift my game if […]
February 26, 2019

A mentorship Q&A with Bloodwood’s Claire Van Vuuren

A chance meeting with restaurateur and chef Claire Van Vuuren has helped transform the way Monica Luppi runs her tamale business, Lulu’s Hot Tamales. The insights and experiences that the duo shares over their regular coffee (or wine) catch-ups is a shining example of the true value of mentorship in hospitality. Why did you decide to get involved in WOHO’s mentorship program? Claire – I think it’s very important to be supportive of each other within the hospitality industry – not only to women. The game is hard and some guidance and wise words from people who have been there […]